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                Redmi Y3

                Redmi Y3

                32MP Super Selfie

                Aura Prism Design
                4000mAh battery

                From ?? 18,499

                Redmi NOte 7

                Redmi Note 7

                48MP for Everyone

                A new flagship-level experience
                48MP + 5MP AI dual rear camera
                Qualcomm? Snapdragon? 660
                4000mAh battery

                From ?? 21,999

                Redmi 7

                Redmi 7

                Fastest in class. Power that lasts.

                Qualcomm? Snapdragon? 632
                4000mAh (typ) high-capacity battery
                12MP + 2MP rear dual camera

                From ?? 14,999

                Redmi GO

                Redmi Go

                Internet Superstar

                5.0" HD Screen Display
                8MP + 5MP Camera
                10 Days Standby Time
                Noise-reducing Mics

                ?? 8,999


                POCOPHONE F1

                Qualcomm? Snapdragon? 845
                LiquidCool Technology
                4000mAh High-capacity battery
                20MP Front Camera, AI Dual Rear Camera

                ?? 34,999

                mi 8

                Mi 8 Lite

                24MP Selfies with style

                AI portraits and scene detection
                Qualcomm ? Snapdragon? 660
                14nm octa-core processor

                ?? 31,999