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                About Us Press & Media User Agreement Privacy Policy Environment

                ALWAYS BELIEVE
                IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN

                OUR LOGO

                The "MI" in our logo stands for “Mobile Internet”. It also has other meanings, including "Mission Impossible", because Xiaomi faced many challenges that
                had seemed impossible to defy in our early days.


                Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believes that high-quality
                technology doesn't need to cost a fortune. We create remarkable hardware, software, and internet
                services for and with the help of our Mi fans. We incorporate their feedback into our product range,
                which currently includes the Mi Note Pro, Mi Note, Mi 4, Redmi 2, Mi TV, Mi Band and other accesso-
                ries. With more than 61 million handsets sold in 2014, and products launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong,
                Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil, Xiaomi is
                expanding its footprint across the world to become a global brand.


                OUR CULTURE

                "Just for fans" – that's our belief. Our hardcore Mi fans lead every step of the way. In fact, many
                Xiaomi employees were first Mi fans before joining the team. As a team, we share the same relentless
                pursuit of perfection, constantly refining and enhancing our products to create the best user experience
                possible. We are also fearless in testing new ideas and pushing our own boundaries. Our dedication
                and belief in innovation, together with the support of Mi fans, are the driving forces behind our
                unique Mi products.

                OFFICE ENVIRONMENT

                We are incredibly flat, open, and innovative. No never-ending meetings. No lengthy processes.
                We provide a friendly and collaborative environment where creativity is encouraged to flourish.


                Xiaomi’s got talent! Friendly competitions let the Mi team show off their athletic prowess in bask-
                etball, swimming, badminton and more. Our annual "Mi Idol" has also uncovered plenty of star potential.


                Xiaomi is focused on being the most user-centric mobile internet company, and we aim
                to constantly exceed expectations through innovations in software, hardware and services.
                Many of our employees were initially fans of Mi products, before they decided to join us. Our team is
                not only passionate about technology, but also relentlessly pursues perfection to break tradition and
                push boundaries, all just to ensure that our products remain unique and offer an unparalleled user
                experience. Xiaomi is headquartered in Beijing, China and has offices
                in Asia-Pacific, India, and Brazil.

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